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IAmNotBritish, episode thirteen

Welcome friends. Come on in. Let's pretend we are gathered in real space, real time, together. It's so nice to see your faces! Feel free to reply and tell me about your days and how you are choosing to spend your time. Meanwhile, let's share a caffeine beverage and a few words together. 

I'd like to take a minute and share a bit about my Uncle Bill. He wasn't my uncle, not really. He was a father-figure and I loved him. I know he loved me. He called on the phone and took me to the movies, out for ice cream, shopping for "big" moments in my teen years, buying clothes for a dance or for a church trip. He knew that I needed food and love and he just gave them to me. 

It wasn't weird, not like with other men. There were no conditions with Bill.

He attended the church that my birth-mom and brother and I went to. I suppose it started as ride-giving. My mother could not afford a car, and then could not drive due to multiple sclerosis. There was a list organized by the church leadership of volunteers to pick up Ann and her two kids for church on Sundays at 8:30 am. No surprise that Bill would sign up first.

He got to know us, invited us over for lunch after church, giving the excuse that he would get to eat lunch sooner than if he dropped us across town first. My mother did not want to accept charity, but I jumped up from the back seat with a big YES. Three hours of church made everyone hungry for lunch, but I was hungry all weekend. My main meals of the week were school lunches. Bill had slices of ham and turkey, sometimes braunschweiger, swiss and cheddar, mustard and mayo and white bread.

Nothing feels better than a sandwich on a Sunday.

Bill was also Santa Claus for the two months surrounding Christmas. Making children happy was the highlight of his life.

So can we today, on this Sunday, during this slow time, remember My Bill, and all the people touching our lives who give of themselves with such kindness and love to make the world better, in their many ways. I know he would smile as he dipped his head, then looked up over his glasses into my eyes to make sure I was happy.

We love you, Bill. (clink)

Today's Deep Breath: (This is a little juju nugget. May or may not be helpful.)

Let's write a thank you note today. You can use a pen or social media, or email--but tell someone intimately how much you care for them. Bonus points if it brings tears to your eyes. 

Thank you for listening to me today.

Until next time,

Tami Lowe

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