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39: Embrace Orange

Hello, friends! I'm still social distancing, but I would love for you to be on my couch, sipping and talking. Brunch is a bit late today, but never to late to clink a cheers.

Off topic question: Does one have to wear a bra when one Zooms? 

Perhaps the answer is influenced by my previous Posture For Others. 

It is certainly not necessary for a Zoom call. 

I started today with a Darjeeling and the Times. I felt compelled to give the election results that much of my week.

Since I dropped my ballot, my effort has been managing my mind as I perform pre-moving tasks. Whether I move in January or June, I usually spend months on this process. Nobody wants to move items that will be donated afterward. 

I have counted how many cupboards I will likely have in a condo or other living space. I currently have 24, with six small drawers. I'm certain I will not have that space in my future.

So the Times. Several articles about the results, but I gravitated towards the Thanksgiving section. Did you know that 1/3 of Americans are single? As I will be moving into this group, I read every word of that article. There were several great suggestions about celebrating a holiday alone.

If one will be with others, there were lots of advice for being socially distant--windows open, masks during down time, eating outside. Thank you, Dr. Fauci.

Hmm, moving.


There is one thing has not changed this year: I am still in love with Christmastime.

My child brain:

Skip to red.

Skip to red.

Skip to red.

"Calm please. We will get to the red, as soon as we enjoy the orange," I tell my Self.

There's something to be said for not moving to fast. 

I have enjoyed several fall seasons, and written about colorful leaves a few times.

Florida is different. 


I did see one leaf today; I almost missed it. With at least four colors, it was still bold, resting on the cement. 

Younger-me would have picked it up, wanted to keep it.


"It will disappear and be gone and I will forget. Nothing lasts."

Look at me, trusting that fall will happen again and I will see another leaf. 

So after reading several pages, I watched a Mooji video. I wasn't avoiding writing for brunch...just enjoying a full morning with my tea.

Moojibaba is a lovely Jamaican man. His voice prompts me to feel calm. Or rather, I have a thought about his voice and words that then makes me feel calm.

(No one can make you feel anything.)

He gives incredibly good advice. If this video had a gist, it was this:

Your brain will throw up thoughts.

Basic meditation helps us practice watching the thoughts pass by, instead of believing every one and engaging in the resulting drama. 

The more time you spend in deeper Being, the happier you will be.


Covid time seems to stretch. Being in the same house. Doing the same tasks. 

Last night, instead of watching a Hallmark Premiere movie, I tucked into bed with a fiction book by Alice Hoffman. Oh, dear. I love the flavor of her writing. 

It was an absolute change. I was halfway through the book already, so reading it was not new. But the time of day was new. I was in a different room at 8 p.m.

Steady changes.

Mooji did say something else. Referencing Papaji's book Nothing Ever Happened, he said we read books to find out what happened. Who wants to read a book where nothing ever happens? He chuckled at himself.

We talk with friends and family about what happens in our day. The more time we spend deep in your Self, the less there is to tell. No drama. No full, shaped, compelling story.

My brain loves a good story. 

I don't like a lot of drama in my life, not really. But I love a story, and mapping it.

Today's Deep Breath: Here's a practical juju nugget, a collective Next Best Decision.

In conversations, in our social media, we sometimes create an image of bliss or judgement or drama. Using these intentions, we portray happiness, abuse or excitement.

Today, I have presented you with nothing.

Hmm, do you recall watching Seinfeld or Friends in the 90s? Two network TV shows, about nothing.

It's a Groundhog Day here in this house. 

I ran out of coffee, so I had tea. I read the paper instead of jumping on the computer. I read a book instead of streaming.

Yet, the results were very different and new. It changed me a little.


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